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Motivational Design is an important concept found in Game Development and will vastly improve almost any application or customer communication. We at Binji are professionals in Game Development as well as in the area of User Experience. So we aim to make your product even better, improve all levels of communication, increase retention and strengthen your brand - by developing a customized Gamification solution for you!

Web & Mobile


Games are our passion! Every spare minute lately goes into our ongoing project, „Botlike“. Yet, we are always looking for new challenges in Game Design and Development across all platforms and genres! We provide the full service and are able to assist you throughout the entire project, from Game Design concept and Prototyping to the polished game and final user tests.


Consulting & Conceptual Design

In interviews or workshops, we draft up a briefing and Motivational Design for your project.


We design a detailed, customized plan for Gamification, define the goal of the game, and the core game loop.

UI / UX Design

User Experience Design (UX) and User Interface Design (UI) according to target group


Platform specific or across all platforms: Programming the backend and frontend system.


Binji Games

Eddy´s Run

The scandal surrounding whistleblower Edward Snowden and the NSA in 2013 reminded us and the entire world that we have responsibilities as digital citizens - and Binji’s contribution to this discussion took the form of a classic Jump & Run. Eddy’s Run took us only two weeks to develop, and it went on to make waves all around the world. CNN, The Verge, Polygon and PC Games covered our game, and for weeks on players from every country (well, except North Korea) played Eddy’s Run, evaded or eliminated surveillance drones and agents, and subsequently signed petitions - a raging success.


This action-packed and "Roguelike“(like) platformer leads the player to a certain death. The aim is to get to the heart of the totalitarian Robot League, fighting your way through randomly generated worlds with impressive graphics towards the grand finale. Along the way, the player picks up lots of weapons and parts for his Bot, so he can redesign and shape his character any time and any way he wants. With this high level of randomization and customization, every new game start brings a new, unique gaming experience. Botlike is currently in development - release is scheduled for the mid of 2017.

Binji Programms

Moodoo Engine

We wanted to implement our ideas and visions without the impediments of a third-party software. So we created our own Engine to realize Botlike - and we are continually improving and expanding it. As a long-term goal, the Engine will be made accessible to other studios and developers. The distinguishing feature of our Moodoo Engine is its partition into modules: ea each module can be combined with any other Moodoo module, but also with existing Engines like Unity.

Contract Work

Travian Kingdoms

Design and Consulting in UX Design.

We assisted Travian Games with their new strategy title „Travian Kingdoms“ in the area of User Experience. Within one year, we created numerous UX concepts, ran tests for Usability, co-developed various new features, assisted with redesigning the tutorial and helped with many other tasks. Travian Kingdoms is a browser based strategy game for core gamers, logging several hundred thousands of players a day. Travian Games recently celebrated its 10th anniversary and can claim to be one of the pioneers of the genre.

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Björn Clasen

CEO, Art Director, Animations
Björn majored in Communications Design, working in Post Production, for TV and Cinema, for several years, before founding the Gaming Studio Binji with his brother Nils in 2013. He is responsible for the overall look and athmosphere of the game and brings life to the assets throught effects and animations.

Nils Clasen

CEO, Game Design, UI / UX Design
After years of freelance work for international companies, Nils decided to up his game in the field of UI and UX Design, Binji is the brainchild of Nils and his brother Björn, and Nils works hard on all aspects of Design and Game Level Assets.

Jakob Urbschat

Freelancer, Development
A degree in Computer Sciences is only natural for someone like Jakob, whose first words must have been „coding“ and „games“. His steep career in Games Development began 2010 at KING Art Games, then led through Interactive Audio Development and finally, in 2013, to Binji as a freelancer.


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